About Live & Learn

Live and Learn is brought to you by Angela Burgin Logan a self-proclaimed slash; executive, writer, producer, personality, advocate, wife and mom who has been there – she lived through it and learned to survive that.

Being #1 is something that fueled Angela academically, through sports and later in the corporate world. She never dreamed that she would nearly become a part of a few #1 clubs namely Heart Disease the #1 Killer of Women Worldwide, Preeclampsia the #1 Killer of Mothers and Babies and the Battle of the Bulge the #1 Bain of the Existence of Women Worldwide.

Live and Learn is an online community destination targeting women. Live and Learn’s Editor Angela Burgin Logan is frequently joined by experts, guest writers and a community of moms who entertain while empowering women with information, support and simple tips that can improve their physical, mental, financial and spiritual health.

Angela beat the odds after suffering from Preeclampsia and Cardiomyopathy or Heart Disease and surviving through a coma and the 20% chance she was given to live in 2009. Having expert experience in leading health and wellness brands coupled with her own experience losing 100 pounds brought on by her illness has given Angela and the Live and Learn blog a passionate voice in the wellness industry.

As a slash Angela understands that women particularly moms have things bubbling all the time and with so many balls in the air the one that is easiest to drop is yours. She “lived and learned” that a woman’s biggest advocate needs to be herself. It was a call to action to start Live and Learn. The Live and Learn blog and movement is a guide for today’s woman who is inspired or needs to be to live and learn to become health and happy.

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