After Christmas Decor Ideas

Posted on Dec 28 2016 - 9:49am by Angela Burgin Logan

Waste not want not right? With it being winter and with another holiday right (Valentine’s Day Yay!) around the corner this is the perfect opportunity to recycle some of your Christmas decorations and add some extra love to your home. And there is no shame in admitting that your decorations are still up mid-January. If there is, no one told me. If you stored them away already this is the perfect time to go shopping right in your basement or attic.

I’ve always been inspired by themed decorations. It’s a great pick me up to walk by decorated areas in your home. However, since having my daughter I appreciate themed decorations all the more. It’s a great memory for families to put decorations out together. For little kids it’s a great learning tool as you can explain everything from what a holiday is about to simple things like learning about shapes and colors. A day doesn’t go by in our home when our daughter doesn’t touch, hold or play with decorations. Yeah, this does have its pros and cons.
But the pros win.

All you need is a little imagination and all of that red and white hanging around your house from Christmas. Here are a few decorating ideas and some photos from some great gals on Pinterest to get you started.

Ornaments: Grouping together your white, silver, red, pink and clear ornaments can make fantastic statements in your home. Christmas ornaments can be re-purposed into themed arrangements by taking white and silver ornaments to create a winter theme or red, white and pink for a Valentine’s theme. All you need is any type of glass to hold them in. Vases, bowls and even wine glasses filled with ornaments make great table or mantel centerpieces. Using string to hang them is also a clever idea to turn your Christmas decorations into a Valentine theme.

After Christmas Decoration Ideas

Candles: Those red and white candles don’t have to be just for Christmas. Placing them together with other red and white themed items can create a great Valentine’s arrangement. And those other items can come right from your kitchen. White or red drinking pitchers or plates on display with your candles is a great idea. You can get as creative as you want by adding ribbon to the candles or kitchen items along with stickers.

Table Linens: That red or white runner still lying around? It would be perfectly placed under your new arrangement of ornaments or candles. You can also use red chargers under your plates and turn those red, white or pink place-mats into an elegant winter or Valentine’s dinner setting.

Nature: Sometimes we simply have to nurture nature. That means giving those pine cones and twigs just laying on the ground in your yard some purpose. They make great winter arrangements placed in glass bowls. It also gives your kids something to do on a Saturday when you ask them to go outside and round some up. The two for one is that they will be cleaning up at the same time! You can also repurpose small Christmas trees real or artificial and decorate them with your red, white and pink ornaments and bows to create a great Valentine’s topiary look.

Lighting: Now if you anything like me you will appreciate some soft lighting. Those twinkling red and white lights can add some romance to any room of the house.


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