BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Plush Toys! Here’s Why Your Kids Will Love Them

Posted on Apr 5 2017 - 11:16am by Samia Logan

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Plush Toy ReviewOn my very first and very magical trip to Walt Disney World I visited Beast’s Castle. Only I didn’t know it was Beast’s Castle to me it was Belle’s Castle! I couldn’t believe it when…wait for it…Belle herself came up to me and gave me a hug and asked me to be in her show that night!

My Mom had read me the story of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST many times and the experience made it one of my favorite Disney stories ever. I couldn’t wait when the live action remake from Disney came out this year! It was unbelievable.

Samia Logan with Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Watching the movie was so much fun and I told my Mom I just had to have toys from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! I gave my best smile and reminded her I am a toy and kid blogger and kids everywhere need to know if the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST toys are a must have. She didn’t seem to budge until I told her how hugging those toys would remind me of all of the great memories from going to Beast’s Castle to watching the live action movie and creating my own adventures. That’s when she smiled and said okay. (Insert my happy dance.)

I am so happy she said yes and every kid out there young and old needs to have the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Plush Toys. They are sooo hugable! Not only are they soft and plush but you can really play with them anyway that you like. They are so much like the movie and I instantly fell in love with these plush toys.

Samia Logan Beauty and the Beast Plush Toy Review

The full line of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Plush Toys are available at Disney stores and I got mine from the Disney store inside JCPenney.

Beauty and the Beast Plush Toy Review

Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Plush Toys are great for kids who may be so young that they haven’t seen the movie yet. They are just adorable toys that will be instant friends and great toys for any kid.

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