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Posted on Jul 4 2012 - 7:28am by Angela Burgin Logan

The best July 4th memories for me and most Americans usually have to do with a lot of “F” words…you know food, family, fireworks and of course freedom. And while this 236th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and the formal announcement of America’s end as a British colony is the real root of the celebration it sometimes gives way to root beer floats, loaded hamburgers, hot dogs galore and of course some tater’ salad.

Freedom! Yes, from our diet for the day where we can indulge in a menu that sparks memories of childhood laughter and family celebrations. From California to the New York islands millions of small-town Americans and city dwellers alike will line parade routes, watch fireworks, attend concerts, family gatherings and eat.

Everyone has their favorite July 4th menu. But here are a few of the classic, delicious, and quick and easy items that I will be serving and celebrating with on this Independence Day.

The Best Fourth of July Menu

  • All-American Burgers
    The burger is the centerpiece of any July 4th menu. A few hints on keeping them moist and delicious is to use 80/20 ground beef and add Worchestershire sauce to the mix. You can also decorate the burger and your fixings table with the colors of the holiday from red ketchup , to alternative cheeses like crumbly blue cheese to white onions.
  • Corn on the Cob
    My favorite vegetable can get downright special when you grill it and add new twists like a sprinkle of cheese or a herb butter mix .
  • Potato Salad
    My family has been known to have a my potato salad is better than yours beef on July 4th. There are many different ways to spice up the flavor and make the dish your own from the vegetables you add to the base of either Mayo, Miracle Whip or Mustard.
  • Fruit Salad
    Starting with a great watermelon and adding the best berries of the season gives you a colorful and flavorful salad that everyone can use as an excuse…Well, I did eat some fruit with those burgers!
  • Cake
    What’s a celebration without cake! From flag cake to pound cake it’s on the menu for July 4th.

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