Best S’mores Party Idea (Ever!)

Posted on Aug 1 2013 - 9:36am by Angela Burgin Logan

1c850755e6fa595b772f905d688fcdd4It’s seem like the natural order of things for a national holiday to be declared for one of the kid must have treats of summer, S’mores. And, it’s okay if you are just finding out like I am.  Yes, there is actually a National S’mores Day! National S’mores Day is on August 10th annually.

My daughter is crazy for S’mores and truth be told I am too. My fondness is more about the memories created sitting around a campfire breaking out those sticks and create those ooey gooey sensations known as S’mores.

smores kit 3My daughter always screams for S’mores. But the last time I broke out the sticks and got a campfire going her screams went from delight to minor terror. I nearly turned into a jet puffed marshmallow trying to calm my little ones who can sometimes get scared of the fire.

So I decided there must be a more preschool kid friendly and safer way to make S’mores outdoors. Not only did I come up with a number of ways but now making the S’mores is a part of our outdoor summer party must haves.

A simple way to have S’mores with a small fire is to create one on a slate. You will need a slate plate, big rocks, gravel and a small stove or sterno. Place the big rocks around the slate plate and then fill it with fine gravel. Leave or create a hole in the center for these stove or sterno and voila and small and easy place to make S’mores.

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But so far the biggest hit that we have had for our family and for our summer outdoor parties is to have a S’mores bar. And it’s easier than you think. You simply need a large rectangular planter box, small rocks and sternos.  Determine where you want your S’mores bar outside and begin the setup. Simply add your rocks to the planter box and place the sternos about a foot away from each other. It will look amazing and will be safer for kids and it’s safe to say that Moms will enjoy the memories created and maybe one or two ooey gooey S’mores!


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