Christmas In July What You Should Do

Posted on Jul 17 2013 - 10:30am by Angela Burgin Logan

sand-snowman-with-santa-hat-re Celebrating Christmas in July makes me a whole lot merrier during the actual holiday season. My annual Mrs. Claus trick is usually one shared by many Moms. We turn into the ones who are behind all of the holiday magic, joy and wonder that we feel. What we plan and prepare for our families are the memories that they will or will not hold dear for the rest of their lives. Yeah…no pressure here.

What has happened to me on more than one Christmas occasion is that I have waited to the last minute to shop, decorate and cook those famous holiday delicacies. So what I have gotten into a tradition of doing now is to start a least making my list and checking it twice during July. Celebrating Christmas in July gives you the opportunity to think through what you want to do during the holiday season from decorating; cooking and visiting to who you want to do it with and what you have to buy.

Here’s what you should do to celebrate Christmas in July.

Plan Your Baking Projects. I try to come up with one item that the family can bake or cook together weekly as one of our celebrations of the Christmas season. The fun part about planning it in advance is that you can put it on the calendar and it really gives kids something to count down and look forward to during the Christmas season. And what you cook doesn’t have to be fancy the magically part is that the family is doing something fun together. Christmas cooking ideas can range from making a different Christmas cookie each week or mixing it up and making gingerbread houses, fudge, brownies, turtles, cake, caramel popcorn and whatever yummy creation your family loves.


Chocolate drizzled into the shape of a tree and placed on the sides of a cake.

dcff66cff19ad085cb09435a6437377eRice Krispies Treats In The Shape Of Candy Canes

FreezewhippedcreamcookiesheetHot chocolate with whipped cream frozen in cookie cutters.


Mini gingerbread houses.

White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels from Baked PerfectionChocolate covered pretzels with Christmas sprinkles.

Plan Your Crafts. Planning in advance one Christmas craft each week of the season kicking off right after Thanksgiving is another way to give your kids a great memory and something to look forward to.

5fd7fa7091309ca115d6714d0342148fSanta paintbrushes that can be displayed around the house.

12f85b0d7300cc200b1cbf60004dd417Snowman Christmas wood logs.

Shop. Once you have your Christmas to do list in place, you can start crossing of what you have and plan for what you need. Retailers around the country are offering door buster Christmas in July sales. You may actually be able to pick up many of the presents that you want to buy now from toys to electronics at the best prices of the year.

Take your Christmas picture now. I can’t be the only one who constantly has a mad dash to get a photo taken and mailed at the very last minute. Planning something fun for your Christmas card photo and taking the picture now is the gift that keeps on giving. Your kids will have fun (believe it or not) taking the picture especially if you plan to do it outdoors perhaps at a Christmas Tree Farm, on the beach or simply dressing up in Christmas clothes and playing around the house. You will have one more thing checked off your list helping you to actually have a Merry Christmas.

ed3ce792ec1cd4833fb418bfd77bc711Christmas picture at a Christmas Tree Farm. Take the photos in summer so that you can capture the greenery, sunlight and you won’t freeze.

sand-snowman10Take your Christmas card photo at the beach!

3ff7ac08aea171b66160dc9b7cfab2f6Have some dress up fun and snap that Christmas card photo now!

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