supermanNeed a costume idea for your kid? It can feel like a trick or a treat to a parent when it comes to Halloween. You can either embrace the treat of getting, making or borrowing a costume for your child or you can completely freak out the night before Halloween when you realize that your child doesn’t have one. Been there done both. I’ve decided it’s a lot more fun on Mom if you can pull off getting the costume business out of the way early. It also gives your child something to think about and look forward to the weeks leading up to Halloween.

We’ve gotten some great Halloween costume ideas from the Live and Learn community in and now it’s time to share! These ideas will bring out your inner “awe” and hopefully will inspire your own ideas for your child’s costume.

ralphieThis is genius. “Ralphie” costume.

etThe cutest and one of the simplest ideas. “ET” costume idea.


163cd5f70ae2de760985048773c5c353A Chanel handbag costume!

theupmovieCostume inspired by the movie “Up”.

80effe1f780ee7d33d33db5b2c948b5bAdorable. “Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes”!

raggedyannRaggedy Ann Costume

humptydymptyYour little one will stay warm in this “Humpty Dumpty” costume!

grapesA “Grapes Costume” is a quick do it yourself costume idea!