DIY Grinch Party Snacks

Posted on Dec 16 2016 - 10:41am by Angela Burgin Logan

Grinch Party SnackMom, I need a “Grinch” snack tomorrow! What?? Okay, keep calm and immediately pull up Pinterest. Hearing the words that your child needs to bring a cool treat, decoration or craft into school can sends shivers down the spine of people like me who suffer from craftsfreakmeoutatosis. I adore looking at the cool concoctions that our community of Moms shares but actually doing them is another. So I love it when I can find an adorable option that’s me proof. If I can do it you can do it.

That’s what I discovered when I learned how to make super cute Grinch treats for my daughters “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” party at school. When it comes to days like this the reality is they are important for your children. These are there “good old days” the memories of the holidays that they will keep with them forever. So what’s a Mom to do but to put in her best effort. The kids were allowed to wear pajamas to school and I took that as permission not to feel guilty as I drove her to school in mine!

Samia Logan Grinch Party Snack

Creating a fun treat for my daughter turned out to be easier than I thought. It also turned into a memory for the two of us as we assembled the fun treats together. Not only are they simple to make but they are healthy. And yes, you will look like Super Mom to your child and his class with these super cool Grinch Kabobs.

Here’s the super simple and cute recipe for Grinch Kabobs!

Grinch Party Snack

• Green Grapes
• Strawberries
• Bananas
• Mini Marshmallows
• Toothpicks/Kabob Sticks

1. Slice bananas.
2. Cut stem end off of strawberries.
3. Assemble kabobs using toothpicks start with a grape then add a banana slice followed by a strawberry and complete it with a marshmallow on end.

Grinch Party Snack

Thanks to Melissa from Everyday Savings for the great Grinch Kabob idea!


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