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You can learn a lot from a car!

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When I attended the Cars 3 World Premiere and got to watch the film, I expected the film to be good and spoiler alert it’s great, but what I didn’t expect was to learn as much as I did from the film. The film has some great life lessons for the young and old that will inspire you long after the closing credits have left the screen.

When I sat down with the film’s cast including Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Kerry Washington and Armie Hammer it was diva vu! Again, I expected the interviews to be good but spoiler alert again they were great! Not only did I learn more about the must see family film of the summer but I learned some valuable life lessons from the cast.

My favorite came moment from interviewing the cast came from the vivacious Cristela Alonzo who voices Cruz Ramirez in Cars 3. Cristela talked about being yourself and how that helped her land the part in her first Pixar picture. Cruz is absolutely going to be one of your most favorite characters in all of the Cars franchises. And Cristela is just going to be one of your favorite actresses if she isn’t already.

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Q : Can you share how you became involved with the roles, why you wanted to be a part of this film?

CA : I’ll tell you that I actually got a call.  I was on my way to do a stand up tour in Canada, and I got a call from my agent asking me if I wanted to go to Pixar.  They didn’t tell me anything.  They’re just like do you want to go to Pixar?  I’m like well that’s a random question, but yes.  They flew me up to Pixar.  I had no idea I was being considered for anything.  I didn’t know anything until I got there, and then they made me sign papers and I’m like what am I doing?

And it wasn’t until they gave me a tour and then they sat me down in an office and broke down this Cruz character, and immediately I thought wait a minute, this is a job interview, like I would have dressed up better for you.  I mean, I’m wearing my Target best, but still, you know, like who, what, where, right guys?  So I became involved with it and I was working with the film in November of 2015.

And I had no idea, and honestly I’m glad no one told me because I would have been very nervous.

So it allowed me the chance to be myself and not have any time to work on fake me.

I ended up getting it, and who ever thinks that you’re ever gonna be part of the Pixar world.  I mean, it’s incredible.

Cars 3 Ladies Live and Learn Interview

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KW : I got a call much, much later.  [Lots of Laughter.]  There was a role to play, like a super know it all, bossy pants character, super arrogant, so would I be willing to go way against type.  I said yeah, and honestly I’ve been a fan of this franchise for a long time, and just was honored to be a part of it and excited to do something that my kids could watch.

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OW : How I became involved?  I met John Lassiter, he was sitting next to me.  We had a dinner and he was telling me that, about the sort of idea, and I didn’t think, you know, necessarily anything would come of it.  I didn’t know who he was or anything, and then it all sort of fell together and now I have this little guy.

Cars 3 film premiere

AH : I wish I had a really good story.  They called me, they said do you want to be in the movie?  And I was like yup.

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Q : Kerry, is there something about this CARS character that you learned from?

KW : This is probably gonna seem like a stretch, because it’s such a supporting character, but one of the things it’s made me think a lot about is sort of this disposable society that we live in, because Natalie Certain is so sure that Storm in going to win, because of the numbers.  She’s just so sure, and she’s certain that you can kind of discount everybody else because of the hot, new thing is the way to go.  I think we have to be really careful about that as a society, not just in our business but in general.

I heard a story recently, it’s so random but I heard a story recently about how Rutgers University paid more money than they’d ever paid to any visiting adjust speaker person ever the year that Snooki came to teach. There’s no judgment on that, but she’s a reality star and that was the same year that Maya Angelou spoke at their commencement.  And it just made me realize that we can sometimes, I think, prioritize hot and new more than we prioritize wise and creative.

And as a society, we need to be careful about that.   Again, no judgment about her.

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Q: I have to ask you, Kerry Washington, for all of us Scandal fans, hearing that this is the last season for Scandal, what can we expect from you?  I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with something else.

KW : What can you expect from me?   I decided to voice a car.  I heard a rumor.   I’m really excited about going into our last season.  A lot of times in our business, you don’t know when the jobs are going to stop, so it’s an honor to go into these last, I think we’re doing 18, knowing like we can give it our all and say good-bye to our fans in a loving and respectful way.

After last year when I did the film Confirmation for HBO, I produced and starred in that film, and I started a production company, so we have lots of projects set up at different studios both for television and film.  And some of them I’m not in and some of them I’m in, so…  It’s called Simpson Street, which is the name of the street my mom grew up on in the Bronx.

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Q : Armie, you have a lot of fans on Twitter.  They’ve been sending me lots of questions. One woman would like to know, she said she saw on Instagram that you recently took a road trip through Route 66. She wants to know what was your favorite spot?

AH : I do it a lot.  I love, I love a good road trip.  It’s really hard to pick, but, you know, there’s something so magical in like the American South West.  It’s like one of the least densely populated places on earth.  And you can end up in just like the most remote out of nowhere areas where nothing has changed since Route 66 was the main artery and thoroughfare of the region.  So, you can end up in motels where it’s like honestly, the bed probably hasn’t been changed in 50 years, you know, kind of think, which seems pretty gross, kind of like that.

But if you think about it as like I’m really like bumping up and rubbing up against history and bed bugs, then it’s like, it’s really wonderful.  Yeah.  I don’t know.  My favorite part the whole…

Q : Changes your perspective.

AH : Yeah.  I’m like my glass is half full of maps.  I just, I love a good road trip ’cause you just get on the road, you put it on cruise control, and you you just go.  You listen to music.  You listen to podcasts.  You listen to nothing.  You just look around. I don’t know.  There’s nowhere to, like camping also, Cibola National Forest is a great place to camp.  I don’t know.  There’s tons of places out there.

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Q : So how do you feel about the impact you’ve made on kids?

OW : I  see that with my own kids, it’s like they haven’t seen a movie once until they’ve seen it a hundred times, so they really learn a movie.  It’s not just like me watching and falling asleep, and oh, it was good.  It’s like they really get into it.  So, yeah, I do see that but I also have where a parent will say this is Lightning McQueen [pointing to Owen], and the kids like that’s not Lightning McQueen.

They’re like take a picture, and the kid is like doesn’t seem to like it.  I’m there smiling.  You know, to your original question, it feels great.  And I think that’s kind of the nice thing about doing something creative like we all do to then make something that means something to people, or that they laugh and enjoy.  That’s a great feeling.

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