Free Summer Activities (10 Cheap Thrills!)

Posted on Jun 4 2012 - 8:31am by Angela Burgin Logan

Free time during the summer months is something we all look forward to. But for us Moms we sometimes wonder if all of this “free time” is going to cost us. Those “can I’s” and “can we’s” that we start hearing from the kids even before the last school bell has rung can often encourage a Mom to reply “can you get a job?”. And I don’t want to hear that but I’m only five stuff. Filling that free summer time with fun activities that won’t hurt your pocketbook can be difficult but it’s more doable than you might think. You can take advantage of those long nights and weekends without taking out a loan. Here are some great free activities and ideas for summer.

  • Hit the bike trail – The perfect way to have fun with the family and get those gams ready for (gasp) that swimsuit.
  • Picnic at the Park – Fill up on the free vitamin D from the sun and have hours of fun with the family at the park.
  • Go to the beach – Make great family memories by visiting the local beach. Swim, build sand castles, read a book, play Frisbee, collect shells and generally enjoy the outdoors.
  • Build a bonfire and make it a Smore’s night outside
  • Catch a free concert – every city offers them sometimes even weekly.
  • Free Movie Night – From your local grocery store to the local church there is usually a free family movie night being offered weekly.
  • Free for you – Help your kids make a lemonade stand or organize a yard sale
  • Plant a Garden – Your kids will not only enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor but you can eat them too all season long.
  • Go to the zoo – Every zoo typically offers at least one family free day. Get the family out for a fun and educational activity.
  • Mall Walk – Beat the heat, catch up on your window shopping and let the kids have a blast in the kids play areas.

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