Here’s Why You Will Love The New Pixar Animated Short ‘Lou’ #Cars3Event

Posted on Jun 23 2017 - 7:13am by Angela Burgin Logan

Movie goers are going to be delighted with the Pixar’s LOU! 

Short in length but long on entertainment and positive messages. 

My latest love is the animated short Lou. Disney and Pixar gave the exclusive opportunity to preview the short film which is showing in front of the blockbuster hit Cars 3. This is a double header of goodness for movie goers. In the short Pixar takes one a box filled with toys and other goodies — and brings it to life.

An unseen creature in a school’s lost-and-found bin helps teach a bully a lesson in Lou, a six-minute short directed by Dave Mullins, produced by Dana Murray and showing in front of Disney Pixar’s Cars 3.

Pixar Short Lou Interview Ladies

The title character has baseballs for eyes and is cloaked in a red hoodie where he sits in the school Lost and Found box keeping a watchful eye on the kids on the playground in secret from his box. A boy named J.J. is the playground bully who goes about snatching a video game from his classmate and kicking a girl’s stuffed animal into a basketball hoop to name a few of his high jinks until Lou who strongly disapproves of the behavior decides it’s time for J.J.’s comeuppance.

Pixar Short Lou Interview Ladies

I loved hearing how Dave Mullins came up with the idea of Lou and his characters final look. The Director enlisted the aid of his wife who helped him design the character literally from real objects around the house that kids owuld have. Dave shared with me that Pixar projects usually come from someplace personal and his idea came from feeling out of place during his childhood because he moved around a lot.

“You either feel invisible because you don’t know the other kids or you’re embarrassed and you want to be invisible. I thought it’d be really cool to have a character who could hide in plain sight.” Dave Mullins has been an animator on the Cars movies, Finding Nemo and Up and goto to who make his directorial debut with Lou.


Being the lost and found keeper Lou’s main purpose is to give things back and Dave Mullins felt a bully was a perfect foil. Dave shared the important role that women played in the making of Lou. His wife helped to design the title character and the animated short was directed by Dana Murray.

Pixar Short Lou Interview Ladies

The only problem with Lou is that you will want it to continue when it is over! The Pixar short is another example of animation and storytelling genius. Kids will absolutely love Lou. When I attended the World Premiere of Cars 3 where Lou is shown in front of the film kids where roaring in laughter. The title character Lou is loveable yet hilarious and you will have some feelings about the bully in Lou by the end. This is the perfect short that kids and parents will enjoy!

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