How To Look Good After A Late Night

Posted on Nov 7 2012 - 9:57am by Angela Burgin Logan

Did you stay up late last night watching election coverage?  I’m not sure about you but there are something’s I just don’t have anymore… like the ability to shake off a late night easily. I’ve learned to combat a lack of sleep with a few simple tricks that you can do too. You’ll look great even if you feel tired.

There’s no need in denying that a cup of coffee or some tea is going to be in order to make it through the day. So reap the benefits of alertness provided by a caffeine boost and reap the benefits to your skin. Huh? You ask…Prepare your cup the old fashioned way using a tea kettle. Allow your face to get a quick steam bath of 2-5 minutes from the kettle.  Steam will boost circulation and draw blood to the surface of the skin, giving your face a warm, healthy glow.

If possible after your facial steam bath and having a small cup of coffee or tea, rest for a few minutes. I am a tea drinker and this is where those tea bags can be multi purposed. Placing caffeinated tea bags under your eyes will help to reduce puffiness, because caffeine temporarily tightens the skin around your eyes by drawing out excess water, while the tannins in tea fight inflammation. The cool compress of the bag itself slows blood flow to the area, reducing swelling. In other words, placing caffeinated tea bags under your eyes will help those dark circles and puffy eyes. Use a moisture rich under eye cream and cream for your face. It’s a good idea to use an over the counter eye drop that will boost whiteness and soothe the appearance of red bloodshot eyes.

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