How To Match Outfits With Your Kid

Posted on May 10 2017 - 7:44am by Angela Burgin Logan

Angela B. Logan and Samia LoganMy daughter has caught a case of “I want to dress like you Mommy!” And I have to admit that I may have a slight fever! There is often angst among parents when it comes to dressing like their child in a matching outfit. Is it corny or cool? Well, the masses have answered and the vote is “cool”! Dressing like your mini-me has even gotten some celebrity street cred these days with top stars donning matching outfits with their kids.

“Mommy and me” fashion gives both parents and their kids enjoyment. As parents we know that this phase may be oh so short lived and since your kids thinks you’re cool right now it’s your obligation to ride that until the wheels fall off.

So how do you match outfits with your kid in way that both fashionable and fun? Here’s the top 3 ways that will have you twinning with your little one in no time.

Monotone Colors
When it comes to reality star extraordinaire and Mom Kim Kardashian you wouldn’t expect anything less than complete coordination in the wardrobe department with anyone who will be photographed with her. So when it comes to dressing take her number one tip; choose a monotone colors. Your outfits don’t have to match exactly but if you are wearing the same shade from head to toe it will come off as chic and cool for your kid at the same time.

Kim Kardashian and North West

Match Pattern and Strip Colors

Kids love to wear cool patterns and strips. Create the perfect ensembles when you match the color scheme as your child but you both wear different patterns or strips.
Katie Holmes can often been seen out with her daughter Suri Cruise while color matching patterns and strips.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Beyonce and Blue Ivy are frequently seen dressed alike in color matched patterns and strips.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Get All Matchy Matchy
Occasionally you just have to go there. You have to match your child exactly. It’s a great photo opportunity for your and your child if nothing else. Tips are it’s easier to pull this off with an infant or toddler and keep they look edgy and cool like recording artist Ciara does with her son Future.

Ciara and her son Future

It’s also easier to wear matching outfits when you aren’t wearing much clothes! Swimming suits are great to match as there isn’t an overload of the same outfit. No one does it better than super model Gisele with her daughter Vivian on the beach.

Gisele and Vivian wearing matching outfits

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