How To Milk Christmas

Posted on Dec 21 2012 - 10:46am by Angela Burgin Logan

What do we all really want for Christmas? And by we I am referring to us parents. We want a magical memory that our kids will hold dear for a lifetime. Creating a memorable Christmas for my family is all about Christmas traditions. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is leaving out milk and cookies for Santa.

My daughter clearly stated, “All I want for Christmas is milk and cookies with Santa!” My reply, “No problem honey, we’ll leave out milk and cookies for Santa.” She stated with exasperation, “I know we are going to leave the milk and cookies out Mommy. But what time is Santa coming to eat them with me?” Oohh… Now the picture was forming into my mind. My three year old is seriously thinking that Santa is going to come and personally have milk and cookies with her. Like at her house… in her very own living room.

Hope, excitement and joy is what Christmas is all about right? So, I can’t even think about putting out the gleam in her eye when she talks about her Christmas wish. What child doesn’t want to actually have milk and cookies with Santa? So I say, “Well that’s a tall order but we will put that your Christmas list and send it to Santa”. She tells me to hurry because the mail may take time to get to the North Pole.

Oh goodness, I am thinking. I was expecting her to say I want a dolly, a scooter, a train. I was willing to go so far as an ipad…I know for a three year old…but you get the picture. I was expecting something that I could produce…something that I could buy.

But as I found out this Christmas, it’s really not about what you can buy. It is about hope, joy and the expectation of things to come. It’s about time honored traditions. It’s about love and hope. And it’s about time for me and us all to remember that and hold it dear. This is how you milk Christmas.

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