Karen Klein Bullied on School Bus (Video)

Posted on Jun 25 2012 - 8:34am by Angela Burgin Logan

Karen Klein a school bus monitor in an update New York suburb not too far from my own was the victim of bullying and unsavory behavior on the part of middle school students who harassed and berated her. The bullying was caught on tape and has been viewed over six million times.

Karen Klein’s treatment sparked an outrage worldwide. The bullying incident was captured in a 10-minute cellphone video recorded by one of the students and which went viral when it was posted to YouTube. It shows 68-year-old Karen Klein trying her best to ignore the stream of profanity, insults and outright threats directed at her. At one point in the video, she breaks down in tears.

Outrage over Klein’s treatment on the bus led to an outpouring of support. The international crowd funding site Indiegogo.com had raised more than $500,000 to send the grandmother of eight on a vacation. The original goal was to raise $5,000 but public support for the victimized woman has continued to pour in.

As a Mom of a young child, this is just the thing that we agonize over. How will our child be treated on the bus? I can recall children acting out during my own school days riding on the bus. There can often be a group mentality and one person is usually singled out and berated in school bus offenses in my experience.

The public seems to be rallying behind ending bullying as seen with the support that Klein is receiving. But has it gone too far? Now the bullies are being bullied. The middle school aged children have been receiving death and kidnapping threats so much so that the small town where they are from has had to dedicate all of its police resources to protecting the young children.

Some of the children and their parents have issued an apology to Klein who hasn’t accepted it yet. She doesn’t think it’s enough and wishes to see the boys kept off the bus and prohibited from participating with school sports for a year.

Here is the Karen Klein school bus bullying incident caught on tape.

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