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Posted on Jul 13 2013 - 9:27am by Angela Burgin Logan


Summer activities for kids are a must do or maybe better said a “what are we going to do”? My toddler’s favorite saying is “What are we going to do Mom?” And after I tell her, she always follows it with…and then what? And the “and then what’s” go on until I outline the entire day for her including her being tucked into bed and drifting off into dream land. Therefore a Moms got to be prepared with some summer activities for the kids. And what’s more, a Moms got to be prepared with some summer activities for the kids that are free!

Here are 7 free summer activities that are sure to keep your kids busy and having fun.

  1. cardboarfortspaceshipMaking a playing in a cardboard creation. And it doesn’t have to just be a cardboard house the sky’s the limit with creativity here!
  2. puppettheatertissueboxTake scrap pieces from your cardboard creations and save them. They make great pieces for a puppet theater.
  3. PaintingwithwaterPainting with water. On a hot day the kids want to play in the water. Give them some paint brushes and a bucket of water and let them go wild painting on the sidewalk or driveway. What I love about this is that there is no need for Mom to come and clean up the side walk chalk drawings the kid will learn about evaporation and Mom won’t have to clean up!
  4. water_balloon_pinatasWater balloon piñatas. Take those balloons that are laying around and have fun!
  5. papertowelbirdhouseCreate a bird house from old paper towel or toilet paper wrappers and construction paper.
  6. fcad71277025562849ce8a94286f8839 Cut up an old sheet and make a bean bag toss.
  7.  rockanimalsMake pet rocks and let kids display them outside.

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