Kids Live & Learn

KIDSKids Live and Learn was created for my daughter Samia and parents and kids everywhere.  It is often created by her. You will find posts dictated by her here! Samia Angelique Logan is a miracle child! She survived a nearly fatal delivery when she came into the world in May of 2009. She does everything big and usually loud but always loveable.  Kids Live and Learn chronicles the adventures of Samia and shares some great ideas and tips that all kids will love.  In addition to blogging, Samia Logan has appeared in ads, features and promos for Got Milk?, Lifetime Television and in the film “Breathe”.  Samia is always up for a new adventure whether it’s sharing her travels or talking about her favorite products and toys. To invite her on your next brand adventure or just to become pen pals contact her Mom at

This adorbs photo was captured by Samia’s auntie the best kids photographer in the game! Check out her blog here Kristy Tasca Photography.

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