Kids Natural Hair Looks

Posted on Jul 3 2013 - 10:01am by Angela Burgin Logan

Do you have a kid with natural hair? I do and it’s kind of got me on a kids natural hair craze!  Something’s you just don’t have words for. Your mouth just opens and nothing comes out but the corners of your lips turn up and a smile invades your face.

We are celebrating the beauty and splendor of kids natural hair and admiring the many looks, styles, curls, twists, kinks, puffs and everything in between that it brings.

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Love her hair color, volume and texture! You can achieve this by doing a twist out and picking out the hair after.

Her hair looks healthy and vibrant. Deep conditioning your child’s hair once a month can help you achieve healthy hair.

Braids are a great protective style for kids hair and they make for a great braid out when you are ready to take them down.

The “pineapple” or a high ponytail is what many natural hair girls do to their hair at night to protect and not disturb their curl pattern. But the “pineapple” also makes for a great style especially on kids.

“Shingling” is when you smooth small sections of hair between your fingers  while applying product without raking or combing it. “Shingling” helps to bring out the natural curl and provides more definition and hold.

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