Last Minute Holiday Saving Tips

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 8:32am by Angela Burgin Logan

Christmas shopping woman holding giftsAre you looking for ways to save this holiday season? You’ve probably realized as I have that money doesn’t grow on those beautiful evergreen trees. Tis’ the season to fa la la la la into debt. I’ve said it before. I have definitely had a case of O.C.D. this time of year. Obsessive Christmas Disorder.

I love the season and I love to love on those around me. But spreading the love doesn’t mean you have to spread your wallet thin. And when it comes down to the last minute we are often tempted just to get a gift that may be out of our budget. So how can you avoid falling into debt this holiday season?

Here’s 4 Foolproof Ways to Save this Holiday:


  1. Food
    • The best gifts are ones that are from the heart and made with love. Let’s face it. We love to eat. A delicious treat or dish made by you with some skill full wrapping will be enjoyed and remembered.
  2. Previously Viewed
    • Video and Game outlets have a huge business on previously viewed videos and games. Since you’re buying them anyway why not consider giving this as a gift to someone. You’ve already seen Twilight like for the 100th time so why not give it to someone as a gift.
  3. Offer to Babysit
    • A grown man may kiss you. Parents need a chance to recharge and often reconnect with each other away from the kids. Finding someone to sit for your little one is difficult when it comes from a trusted friend or family member parents will grab the opportunity to get some much needed time away from home.
  4. Photo Gift
    • We all have tons of pictures of the newest additions to the family. But does mom really have time to put all of those together? She will appreciate a scrapbook or CD photo slide show of her little one or family and friends.
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