Michelle Obama’s on Pinterest! Pin what? If you don’t know, many of us are living under a pin. You know those photos that we pin up to give us inspiration. They’ve moved from the refrigerator to the social media photo-sharing website Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to put up photos, share them and follow what your friends and favorite people are pinning. It’s a great place to get and share ideas.

The social media photo sharing site is having a huge success with the ladies so it’s no wonder that the First Lady would want to join the fun. So far, Michelle Obama and her team have pinned 12 images on the website grouped in three categories: “Around the White House,” “Great Memories,” and “Father’s Day.” The First Lady pinned eight of the images herself, and the Obama reelection campaign put up the rest. The Obama 2012 staff is going to run the site with Mrs. Obama’s input. Her personal pins will be signed with her initials, “mo.”

What do you think of Pinterest? I love it. I spend so much time being inspired by other people’s pins that so far, I’ve put up just a few pins myself. Follow me on Pinterest and share your pins and inspirational ideas.