Mom-Me Time!

Posted on May 19 2011 - 10:13am by Angela Burgin Logan

I recently had one of the best nights. I had just come home from a swanky event. When the garage went up and I saw no other car there the corners of my mouth spontaneously lifted. As I walked into the house and heard no sounds the grin turned into a full on smile. I began to chuckle as I changed my clothes from my LBD into my favorite fleece PJs and warm socks.

I was starving after a long day of work and the event. I made some tea, heated some soup and ate it. I don’t think you fully understand. I ate it…all by myself. It didn’t get cold from juggling feeding someone else and it didn’t go quickly from sharing.

Just then the door opens and I hear “MaMa” and little feet running. The tv is back on blast and I feel the corners of my mouth spontaneously lifting.

That 30 minutes of Me Time felt like 30 days. It was just what I needed. Time for me that didn’t include checking off anything on my to do list. Don’t you love it when people (aka husbands) say that you should feel good – you got a chance to go the gym, you went shopping – you should feel refreshed. That me time makes me feel just as refreshed as banging my head repeatedly into a wall.

But the truth is that we need Me Time. Stress in women has been linked to cardiovascular disease the leading cause of death. So, some me time is essential to our well-being physically and mentally. But let’s face it, getting me time is a challenge for women juggling families and work in and out of the home. But it is possible. Setting realistic expectations and getting that me time in unconventional places and times is key. You don’t need to stress yourself out more because you can’t schedule your me time. Take it from me plan it when you can and take it when you can get it. Your me time will give your well-being the biggest boost when it is something you truly enjoy and want to do. It may be simply some quiet time, visiting with a girlfriend or even working out (some people actually enjoy that).

After my 30 minute power me time I felt completely recharged. And I was happy to have the chaos (aka my family) back. Me time in moderation, just like a mom.

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Angela Burgin Logan is a “Mompert” who is the founder of the parent focused go-to destination Ladies Live and Angela is the author of "Breathe When Life Takes Your Breath Away" from Broadstreet Publishers and Executive Producer of the Netflix film "Breathe". She is the President of Marketing and Media Company Nia Enterprises/Live and Learn Media. Angela B. Logan is a leading social media influencer who lives, learns and passes it on. You can find Angela on Twitter & Instagram @AngelaBLogan.
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