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Posted on Aug 14 2011 - 5:58pm by Angela Burgin Logan

Mysterious tracks in the dirt, the constant feeding sessions and unusual noises. I left my natural habitat where this is common place and headed to another. Mere minutes away from Niagara Falls, Canada where you can still see the mist in the air I found what I believe is a must sea: Marineland, Canada a premiere marine park.

I was expecting to see dramatic ocean life but I got much more than I planned. Marineland is a great hybrid park. It sits on one of the most beautiful pieces of land that I have been to this year. It offers sweeping views of Canada and the United States and grass and trees for days. Outdoor enthusiasts will love this park simply for its presentation.

My two year old has fallen in love with water and marine life. From lakes, oceans to the sea she wants to go where the water is. I was in search of giving her a water experience that she would enjoy and remember. What I got was much more. She got to see ocean life that she normally only sees on Dora and Diego up close and personal. And by personal I mean she could touch, feel and even feed everything from fish to beluga whales.

We started our Marineland adventure at King Waldorf Stadium where my daughter enjoyed watching sea lions outwit and outperform their human companions in a funny show. She was dazzled by dolphins who did high flying tricks that were so close that you could feel the spray from the water when they landed.

We headed down to Artic Cove and walked past the beautiful grounds perfect for a family picnic to meet and greet the beluga whales. This is one of the many highlights of visiting Marineland. We meet a Mom and baby beluga whale that danced, jumped and did numerous tricks for us. The underwater viewing stations offered another great look at the beautiful belugas. Getting to touch the docile animals was a thrilling and touching experience.

But Marineland isn’t short on thrills as I found out. Our family got on the two best coasters that we have been on this year. Who knew that the world’s largest steel roller coaster, Dragon Mountain could be found at this marine park. Dragon Mountain is an amazing coaster that does dips and turns through the most beautiful of settings. With most coasters you get a brief ride. But you get 4 minutes of fun on the Dragon. The most spectacular view of Niagara Falls came courtesy of the Sky Screamer, the world’s tallest triple tower ride.

What I didn’t know about Marineland is that there is a ton of wildlife to see and interact with outside of marine life. You can touch and pet deer, walk up to a buffalo and watch the black bears frolicking in the water.

You will see tons of kids carrying around the park inflatable dolphins. My daughter would have been one of those kids. I am sure that the dolphins will be dancing in her head in her dreams until next season and her return trip to Marineland.

Thanks to our friends at Marineland for hosting my family!

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