Nerve Gas

Posted on May 17 2011 - 8:37am by Angela Burgin Logan

Do high gas prices have your empty wallet saying it’s a gas, gas, gas? Nerve gas has now been redefined by the Ladies Live and Learn ipedia as “the ability to get on one’s nerves when gas prices keep rising”. What are the biological effects of nerve gas?  Nerve gas attacks the wallet.  It has the ability to eat way the extra money we were going to spend on shoes, food, lights and other essentials. The initial symptoms following exposure to nerve gas includes the victim involuntarily sounding like Florida Evans and saying a word three times that rhymes with ham, ham, ham.

So if you are planning a road trip this summer or planning a simple trip to the grocery store it’s going to cost you more thanks to higher gas prices. Be of good cheer there is an antidote for nerve gas.  Well, at least there are some ways that you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Here are some tips that will help you combat the effects of nerve gas.

GET A REWARDS CARD Not only do many consumer credit cards offer gas rewards but many grocery retailers as well. You can earn cash on your purchases that can be used towards gas.

CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE Simply keeping your tires inflated to the right tire pressure will cause you to save on gas mileage. Many gas stations and car washes will check your tire pressure for free.

GET THE LEAD OUT Quit it with the lead foot already. Not only will it help cut down your chances of an accident it will also save you on gas. At speeds over 60 miles per hour you will burn more gas.

DO IT THE EZ WAY Idling in traffic burns more gas. Get an E-Z Pass so that you can coast through toll lines instead of sitting in traffic.

SURF THE WEB There are great sites and apps that help you find the cheapest gas in your area. Try and GasPriceWatch are great sites.

LESS IS MORE Most cars can use regular priced fuel versus premium fuel. Save on the increased cost of premium fuel after checking your owner’s manual.

AND SPEAKING OF OIL Be sure to check yours. Your car will perform better and get better gas mileage when you check the oil and ensure that you put the right grade of oil into your vehicle.

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