On Taking A Leap Of Faith

Posted on Feb 29 2016 - 1:10pm by Angela Burgin Logan

leap of faithIf I could go back to a moment in time I know the moment that I would choose.  Here’s where I need your help. What moment do you think that was? The moment I gave birth, the moment I got married, the moment I should have chosen 08, 27, 34, 04 and 19, and the Powerball of 10 when the jackpot was $1.5 billion. Those would be good moments but those wouldn’t be them.

I will admit I am seriously teetering on that Powerball moment. But, the real moment is when I can recall having a moment of complete confidence and faith in its fullness. There was no doubt, no wavering just complete assurance. And what seems like a pretty insignificant moment has turned into one of the most significant of my life.

I was trying to sell my first home and was preparing to buy another. I finally got the offer on the table that I wanted but the caveat was that the new owners wanted to get into the house in 60 days with no contingencies. Sounds great right? The only problem is I had no place to live.

I had 12 hours to get back to the client to tell them if I would take the deal. I racked my brain and prayed that I would figure out what I would do with all of my belongings and oh by the way where I would live if I couldn’t find my own new place to live which included making the offer, acceptance, close and moving in less than 60 days. When the next morning came and it was time for me to give my answer something so unusual happened that it has stuck with me all of these years.

A feeling of complete assurance washed over me. I knew that I had to take the leap and say yes and somehow I knew that things would work out. What was worry completely melted away and was replaced with complete confidence. I had no idea how things were going to work I just knew that they would.

While buying and selling a house is a big deal it doesn’t usually rank up there in the most spiritually awakening moments one can have. But for me it did. God used this small moment to allow me to completely trust in him. I felt God’s presence and I acted on his prompting. And that is what taking a leap of faith requires. It is the easiest, hardiest thing to do ever. And you know what? It’s the most worth it thing you can do.

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