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Posted on Jan 5 2018 - 9:15am by Angela Burgin Logan

Angela B. Logan

Do you have a dream for your business, job, family, community? I’ve got one in each of those categories! What I have learned and am crafting on my journey towards achieving those dreams is the art of the hustle. Yes, what you have heard is true. There is no elevator to success you must take the stairs! And I’m going to share something with you that not many do. I was getting tired of those dang stairs.

woman climbing stairs to success

It seemed like the pursuit of my passion was walking up a never ending staircase. And I am finally learning that this my strength and it can be yours as well. Embracing each step of the process is what yields the best results. Most of our life is going to be spent on the climb up that is actually where the dream lies not just in getting to the top. It’s about what you learn, what you do and who you affect along the way. And once you get there you know what happens? You’re not content to just stay there. The journey or those stairs will teach you what more you can do with your dream, about your dream and how that dream sometimes changes.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to hustle smart. Be as strategic as you can but don’t put all of your emphasis there. Businesses are catching on that the hustle is a business strategy. Analysis paralysis sometimes takes over in business whereas hustling the business basics often can yield surprising results. Being strategic is important but being nimble often trumps it. Strategy changes as the market does but working hard at what you point of difference is should be a constant.

And let’s not forget the famous side hustle. If you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, advancing in your job or even doing more with your family the side hustle is where it’s at. Having a side hustle will help put more money in your pocket (and who doesn’t need that?) but importantly it will give you more skills and wisdom that you can bring to any dream turned into a goal.
So we must all do the hustle. And as for me and those stairs…I realize that the journey to my dreams is a marathon and not a sprint so now I pace myself, work smart and understand that good things come to those who hustle.

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The dream is free the hustle is sold separately

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