Our Favorite Olympians Of All Time

Posted on Jul 30 2012 - 9:08am by Angela Burgin Logan

The Olympics have a way of defining a time. It is a time in history where the world unites. A time in history where our hopes, struggles and triumphs play out in real time and is the ultimate reality fare. And it always brings us back to a time.

Do you remember the time when Mary Lou Retton’s killer smile and how she stuck her landing catapulted her from the vault into America’s heart? The 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles was the year Mary Lou Retton became America’s sweetheart. As a former gymnast, I do have a soft spot for the sport and those Olympic moments. But who came before Mary Lou? The woman then a girl who created the standard by which female gymnasts measure themselves,  Nadia Comaneci. The first gymnast to receive a perfect 10.  And even the times when the situation wasn’t perfect heroes were born. As in the case of Kerri Strug’s 1996 Olympic games where she helped the U.S. team win gold with an injured ankle.

And who can forget the Dream Team of 1992 and the slam dunk they scored in Barcelona. Even today arguments abound on if the Dream Team of yesterday and today’s NBA stars could beat each other. Now the Olympics for sure are about sports but lest we forget the fashion? Michael Johnson’s gold shoes may have done more appearances than he has and Flo Jo’s colorful nails and amazing track uniforms are still talked about and emulated.

Before he was keeping up with the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner was winning Olympic Gold and is the reason why so many people ate Wheaties. And the times were sorely different when Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis won four gold medals each in track and field.

There is also this guy who is really good at swimming. Michael Phelps anyone’s favorite? He holds the most gold medals won in a single Olympics.

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