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Posted on Sep 19 2012 - 10:55am by Angela Burgin Logan

Some of the best money I ever spent was on my Lasik eye surgery. You are talking about someone who wore glasses since the third grade. And not just any kind of glasses…yep, the thick coke bottle what the heck was my mother thinking when she bought these kind of glasses. In my teen years, I moved on to contacts which was a God send.

When you have poor vision things can go awry. Ever try swimming and can’t see? How come you can’t seem to hear anything either? I got by great for many years until my eyes always seemed to be red. Last thing I need is for someone to think I’m on that stuff when it really is my contacts are just killing me. My eyes are super dry.

So I went ahead and did it. I scheduled my eye surgery. Most folks are familiar with Lasik surgery but my eyes were at the worst end of the spectrum so I actually needed PRK which is under the umbrella of Lasik.  Scared? Yep. But determined to be free of the solution, lenses, glasses…

Turns out I could see all along. They simply had to peel back a layer of skin for my eyes to focus properly. Am I simplifying this a bit? … Yes. It did require some prep, facing the risks, understanding the rewards and then a laser focus to peel back some layers. But ultimately, what I needed was there all along.

It has helped me to see the light. Literally cause ya’ girl could barely see anything before this surgery and figuratively because I know that this is what it takes to achieve any goal.  Peeling it back, exposing it all…all of the abilities that have already been put inside us. All of the abilities that unless we peel it back and work on it won’t get used or will never work right.

I have been doing this slowly and surely to many areas of my life and I can see the difference.  What do you need to peel back?

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