Pour Judgment Can Help You To Drink Your Way Thin

Posted on Mar 17 2016 - 9:23am by Angela Burgin Logan

Want to get or stay thin? Exercise daily. I do and you can too. And it doesn’t require the gym or even the use of sneakers. I know what you are thinking…Phew! But what it does require is for you to exercise some pour judgment.

And, you read that right. Pour judgment can make the difference in struggling to button those pants or slipping them on with ease. You know the question we get asked during annual exams… “How often do you drink?”. Well, it’s time we thought of this a different way. Our drinking issues are more of the everyday variety.

Did you know that many moms are drinking their way to obesity? Alcohol is only one of the culprits. It’s all of the sugary beverages we consume daily. I had a light bulb moment otherwise known as I am tired of struggling to button these pants moment that forced me to take a look at my daily habits.

After journaling what I ate, I found that my eating habits were pretty good. But what was keeping me from hitting my ideal weight was those tall ones I was pouring everyday of sugary drinks with no nutritional value. So I decided to exercise some pour judgment and the results were amazing.

I lost weight faster than I had ever done in my life. And I felt better. So what should we be drinking throughout the day? You certainly want to get your eight glasses of water. But your glass doesn’t always have to be see through. Add some milk into your beverage routine.

Milk actually reduces the feeling of hunger. Okay that’s a hit for milk. Milk also has a unique balance of nutrients that can improve your bone health and help to lower your blood pressure. Hmm, another hit for milk. Studies have shown that Milk seems to improve your alertness and brain function. Okay now the bases are loaded Milk. And drinking Milk can help you to maintain your weight. Those who drink Milk regularly tend to be thinner and overall healthier than non-Milk drinkers. And that’s the game…Homerun for Milk! Now time to celebrate with nature’s wellness drink…Milk. To learn more ways that you can incorporate Milk into your diet visit MilkMustache.com

Getting your kids in on the healthy drinking habits early is a key to long term wellness for them. You can learn more about keeping your kids healthy at Let’s Move.

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