Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Posted on Jun 11 2013 - 9:07am by Angela Burgin Logan

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring and Mom’s pulling her hair out. Sound familiar? Rainy days can not only get the kids down but can down right drive Mom crazy trying to figure out what to do to entertain, inspire and get the most out of the day with the kids.

Here’s six family fun ideas that are rain proof!


You don’t have to get boxed in by the rain unless you want to. Pull out an old box from your basement or go to the local grocery story and ask for an empty box from the stock room and let your kid’s imagination soar and the hours go by as they build. Ideas starters are box cars, space ships, race tracks, barns, a house and a store. Don’t forget to get the crayons, markers and paint out so that they can bring their creation to life in vivid color.

Family Movie Night or Day

Movie time just got more fun when you allow kids to transform the viewing room you choose into the family movie theater. Allow kids to transform the room with blankets over windows and special seating.  Make memories on movie night by making popcorn, floats and yes let them pick at least one of the movies.

Camp In

Who doesn’t like a fort? It’s time to use those extra blankets but this time it’s so that the kids can pitch a tent or make a fort. Let the kids design the tent by putting together kitchen or dining room chairs in the placement of their choice and draping the blankets over.

Make Cards

My daughter loves to get mail and much as she loves to give it. Allow your kids of all ages to have fun making cards for their grandparents, friends, neighbors and more. Did your kids ever send Santa a thank you letter? Now’s the perfect time to stay on the nice list with a handmade card. Allow kids to find some of their favorite stickers, paper, crayons and makers. Locate magazines that you don’t mind them cutting up and you can even print out pictures for them to use. Help little ones write their own message and start a fun tradition.

Bath Tub Fun

Turning your tub into a pool can be fun but there are so many other uses for the tub that can keep the fun going. Your child will have fun and you can cross a clean up off your list by allowing your child to gather up all of their cars and trucks for car wash day. You can even allow your girls to get those dolls into the tub for hair wash day. Load all of these toys into the tub and arm your child with squeeze bottles and sprayers and let them have fun.

Make A Book

Reading a book every night is fun for the kids but imagine if they read their own book. Breakout some paper, crayons, stickers, markers and let kids come up with their own story. You can get even more creative by allowing kids to find pictures from magazines to use, printing out pictures of your own or even finding pictures online that they can add to their storybook.

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