”Every wedding is a royal wedding for we are subjects of the king of creation.”

The wedding of the century lived up to its promise. Regality tempered with love. The Royal Wedding ceremony of  Prince William and Kate was a joyful occasion. For me, the happiness of the day punctuated by prayer. The beautiful service marks a time when people across the globe were joined in a church service and praises rang out to God and blessing to the couple.

The beautiful bride the former Kate Middleton stepped into the church in a lace top wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton. She met her Prince at the altar. The last man who would see his bride. The groom dressed in uniform whispered “You look wonderful” and that sealed it for me.

Insert tissue into hand and admit that you too had Royal Wedding Fever.

There was much to behold on this day. From the ladies in Hats, the littlest groomsmen and flower girls that stole your heart, the hymns that rang out, the electricity of a beautiful London and the bride who walked in a commoner and walked out a future queen.