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Posted on Jul 19 2012 - 9:24am by Angela Burgin Logan

Do you sing to your baby? My husband is an R&B singer who can pretty much sing the alphabet. (Which thankfully he does for our baby!) I could wind up in Sing Sing if someone heard me belting out a tune. It has to be a crime. So when my baby was on the way the question lingered in my mind…could I sing a lullaby to her? Would I?

But when the time came it was nurture versus nature. A song came out of my mouth and to her ears. It actually came out of my heart. Any fear of how I sounded melted away with the internal prompting to soothe and connect with her. As she grows she is demonstrating a love for music. And she already has preferences. When she hears something she likes she stops to listen attentively. Here’s the good news for parents.

There is no need for parents to have stage fright with their kids. Children prefer your voice over any other.  They yearn for, want and appreciate your voice…however off pitch it is.

Singing for your child is healthy for you and baby. Singing to your child supports their verbal development. Singing a feel good song will actually stimulate a sense of well-being in parent and child along with strengthening your bond.

You actually exercise major muscle groups in the upper body when you sing.  Singing helps your cardiovascular system as you take in more oxygen into your body with each tune. The endorphins you release while singing helps to combat anxiety and depression.

Bob Marley is my favorite “Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right!” So take center stage with your child. The music to their ears will be good for you both.

What do you sing to your baby? Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” is my fav. It’s healthy for you both try it!

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