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Posted on Jan 29 2016 - 10:26am by Angela Burgin Logan


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Ever get exhausted just thinking about what you have to do each day?  Well, that busy schedule can actually have some fringe benefits or better said figure benefits. You can actually sneak in a workout making that another thing you can cross off your list for the day. Here’s 3 easy ways to sneak in a workout.

Shopping Trips

If you are anything like me you may sometimes feel like you live at the grocery store. There’s always something to grab to complete the families meal or for must have “purse snacks”. Use the shopping trip to get your walk on and a little strength training while you are at it. Instead of circling 5 times to get that park close to the door plan to park at the furthest entrance. Not only is this safer when unloading kids from the car it will give you the chance to get some walking in. Don’t just perimeter shop. Pick up the items you need and plan to walk down each aisle.  Leave the cart in store and carry the groceries to the car.

Stair Climbs

Enhancing your stair climbing can help bring definition to your calves along with boosting your overall health. Take the stairs at work and add in some extra trips up and down the stairs at home.

Talk and Walk

I am tied up on the phone about 30 percent of my day between conference calls and family business. Take this time to walk around versus sitting during your phone calls. Walk off lunch and take your brainstorming meetings to the street with a walk and talk. Another great way to bond with the kids and to get them moving as well is to walk and talk about their day. Instead of just asking them “what did you do today” take them on a quick walk if only to the corner and back. You will not only get yourself moving but your kids as well. Added benefits are that you can truly plug into your kids at this time. While there will be the stimulation of what’s outside what’s inside like the TV, computer and games galore that tend to distract them from fully sharing how their day was won’t be there. It’s a great study tool as well. Walk and quiz the kids on spelling, math, geography and more.

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