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The force was definitely with me when I got an exclusive opportunity to chat with the cast of Star Wars The Last Jedi. Bucket list! The Star Wars saga had me fully enveloped since I was a child and saw Princess Leia. The idea that you could be a leader, strong yet vulnerable and have the ability to stand and fight with the boys but yet not be one of them grew within me when I became acquainted with this iconic character. Oh and then there is Chewbacca, BB-8 and so many more characters that made Star Wars mean so much to so many including me.

When it comes to Star Wars The Last Jedi they had me at the first look.
Star Wars The Last Jedi GifSo you can imagine that I was feeling pretty out of this world when the full cast walked past me flanked by the Praetorian guard at a secret location in Hollywood, California.


I can tell you that much of Star Wars The Last Jedi and all of the Star Wars films is about hope, wonder and belief. I believed I would get the chance one day to meet some of the actors who have created roles that will live on. That belief doesn’t stop you from a serious thrill when it actually happens.

Angela Burgin Star Wars

The cast took the stage and in short order they were cracking each other up. That sense of joy and camaraderie came across on film as well.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Los Angeles Press Conference


Daisy Ridley brilliantly plays Rey. The actress spoke about her role as the female lead of the film and how that is impacting women and girls. “I think like as a girl growing up in London, obviously I knew there was a disparity in films but I wasn’t so aware of it, like growing up in a liberal household. I was never really made to feel any one way. So when I got involved I didn’t really – like, I knew it was a big deal, but the response was so beyond anything I could have imagined, that I’m still like – it was only afterwards I was like, oh, oh yeah. And it’s not like I ever took it for granted or anything but it was just so monumental, the response and how people felt about it, and obviously that’s a testament to Kathy, J.J., Michael, Larry, everyone who created the characters in the beginning, and I think what’s great about everyone is it’s not like she’s a girl, this is a guy, this is anything, everyone’s just, it’s just great characters that happily are falling into broader categories now, so I’m thrilled.”

Daisy Ridley

What’s not to love about a bad boy? Kylo Ren is seriously bad in such a good way. The actor who portrays him is Adam Driver and he talks about how he is pitted against characters by Snoke.

“I think it’s definitely there’s a competition and it’s maybe yet to be discovered where that comes from. If anything I think that’s more of a testament to kind of what everyone has been saying of Rian’s inability to not mind a character in every moment, which seems like an obvious thing, but he doesn’t so he knows that spectacle, it won’t mean anything if you don’t care about anything that’s going on, which again, seems very obvious but I think it’s a really hard thing to balance with this many moving parts in the scale of something like this. So I love playing those scenes, especially with Domhnall, ‘cause he’s a great actor and there’s nothing is kind of taken for granted where, you know, oh, this happens and it moves on. If anything, Rian slows the pace and there’s not a moment that’s taken for granted. It’s always broken up into little pieces and the story in our mind comes first before an explosion.”

Adam Driver

John Boyega shared what he think is different about The Last Jedi from Force Awakens. “I just think the story’s moving forward. I just feel like J.J. had a blueprint, a foundation of Force Awakens that was pretty good and now it’s about – hey, it was, it was good – and now it’s about, you know, moving forward with the story and just challenging the characters and then all the characters are under intense pressure, and so it’s a time which everyone has their own specific reckoning, and it’s all different. It’s like a lot going on. I’ve only watched it once and the first thing is that I want to watch it again because of the amount of information and Easter eggs in there as well.”

John Boyega


You know I had to get into the action.

Angela Burgin and Storm Troopers


One of the great things about Star Wars The Last Jedi is that anyone can watch it. My daughter is a new found Star Wars addict. She has recently feel in love with the characters both good and bad. Daisy Ridley shares how you don’t have to have Star Wars knowledge to enjoy The Last Jedi.

“I like don’t have a big film knowledge or anything, so I never understood the structure of what the Star Wars was and what anyone was trying to fulfill, so just as me watching it, I think you really follow the story ‘cause you’re with every character, like everything you need to see is happening on screen, you’re not seeing things happen off screen, that have happened off screen, so people asking questions on screen, they’re getting answers on screen, they’re having their adventure on screen, so you’re with everyone every step of the way. So how the story’s unfolding. And I think it makes for compassionate viewing because you’re really understanding both sides, why people are doing the things they’re doing, and how it’s being fed from everywhere and how things collide and the consequences of people’s actions, how they’re directly affecting other people.”

I’ll see you at the movies when the film opens on December 15th!

Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi Poster

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