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Posted on Mar 8 2017 - 3:50pm by Angela Burgin Logan

Beauty Fact or FictionIt’s time we got to the bottom of some of the top beauty questions that we all have and that we get everyday. We connected with renowned anti-aging specialist Dr. Yelena Yeretsky to get the real deal on common question in this beauty fact check.

Can giving up dairy give you great skin?

Girl saying no to milk

Dr. Yelena: Dairy does a body good but can sometimes wreck havoc on our skin. Some people have dairy allergies and there are known effects dairy has on the skin from irritation, inflammation, itchiness and acne.

But what don’t you know at dairy allergies? People don’t necessarily have an allergy to the actual protein itself, rather the hormones, additives and antibiotics that are used in the food given to animals. These  different hormones/additives are foreign to the body so when they enter, the body tries to protect itself, in turn causing bad effects. The processing of different products also plays a part.

The best way to find out what is good or bad for you is by process of elimination. Stop consuming all dairy products completely then add them back into your diet one by one to see what your body can tolerate.

Can sleeping in makeup really harm your skin?

Sleeping in Makeup And Your Skin

Dr. Yelena: Yes, and it doesn’t just cause pimples!

When you sleep the body recuperates, relaxes and all the anti-aging processes happen. When it comes to anti-aging every cell in the body is programmed to work a certain way. So, when something like makeup stresses our skin, the process slows down.

Sleeping in makeup covers and congests our pores.

And – are you ready for this?

It doesn’t allow cell turnover to happen and if it does it happens very slowly.

So yes, you are aging yourself every time you sleep in makeup.

Is the office making us ugly?

Beauty at work

Dr. Yelena: Your work environment does affects skin quality.

Best beauty tips for your work environment:

  • Go outside any chance you get, go outside any chance you get. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold.
  • Carry a hydrating spray and spritz your face throughout the day.
  • Wear toner on top of your makeup.
  • Drink lots of water!

Woman Drinking Water

Dr. Yelena YeretskyDr. Yelena Yeretsky is a board certified medical aesthetics who has a thriving practice in Manhattan. A specialists for 10+ years in natural looking anti-aging, aesthetics procedures, Dr. Yetesky believes creating beauty produces empowerment, self love, confidence and ultimately happiness. She is obsessed with rituals of beauty along with the most effective science and technology in skin care, and she offers both to her patients.




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