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Posted on Feb 12 2017 - 2:16pm by Angela Burgin Logan

Al Jarreau

I’ve always loved the idea of not being confined or limited to one area. Al Jarreau is one of those artist who couldn’t be put in a conventional box or category. The seven time Grammy winner was loosely categorized as a Jazz singer but went on to win Grammy categories for Jazz and Pop music for “We’re In This Love Together” from the 1981 album “Breakin’ Away” that sold over 1 million copies. The eclectic vocalists who experimented with rock and reggae was also known as the “Acrobat of Scat” which I totally conquer with. The rhythmic quality that he brought to scat was amazing and enchanting.

I became familiar with Al Jarreau’s music as a young dancer who often selected his songs for my performances. Al Jarreau cemented a place in my heart when he recorded the theme song from the hit television series “Moonlighting”. He is one of the artists whose music allows you to transport back to feelings, time and space.

As an actor who blended music he was my favorite Teen Angel in the Broadway rendition of “Grease”. It is with much sadness that we learned of the icon’s passing at the age of 76. But it is with much joy that we know that his music and legacy will live on.

Here are our favorite Al Jarreau songs.

“We’re In This Love Together”

“After All”

Who could forget the theme song to “Moonlighting”?








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