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Posted on Apr 4 2017 - 10:35am by Angela Burgin Logan

Evolving Beauty The PlannerDoes being happy and successful just happen? NO! Success doesn’t just happen, it’s planned for. Being happy and successful in every area of our life means that we need to create and set goals that will help us achieve the desires that we have.

Evolving Beauty has released the planner that you need in your life. It is a Self and Brand Mastery Lifestyle Planner. There is no better time to reset your 2017 than NOW! Evolving Beauty The Planner Essential Tactics To Be Happy And Successful by Phylencia Taylor contains Self and Brand Mastery Worksheets plus Powerful Monthly Framework Tools.

Phylencia Taylor Evolving Beauty

Evolving Beauty The Planner also inspires you to achieve your goals by showcasing 12 Women in Motion who are a tour de force in their industries.

Evolving Beauty Planner Women In MotionEvolving Beauty The Planner is designed to align your values with your goals. Harness the power of your passion, purpose and profits. The Planner will help you get things done with annual, monthly and daily prioritizing.

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