This Dad Delivering His Baby In The Car Will Give You All The Feels

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 9:09am by Angela Burgin Logan

Dad Noah Strunk delivering his son in the carMy sister is a newborn photographer so I’ve seen some pretty amazing newborn photos. But the photos of Noah Parker van Rhyn Strunk who was born on February 22, 2017 may just take the cake. The photos of his mom, Lauren Strunk, giving birth in the front seat of the family car with her husband Noah Sr. delivering the baby went viral after the couple’s birth photographer, Stephanie Knowles of Jaiden Photography captured and shared them,

One look at the stunning photos and you can see why.

Dad Noah Strunk delivering his son in the car

Laura Strunk had gone into labor at home and texted Knowles to give her the update. Thankfully, the  photographer decided to meet them at their house and follow them in her own car to the hospital, rather than just meeting them there.

That’s when things got interesting. When Strunk’s husband missed the hospital entrance she informed him that he needed to park the car right away because the baby wasn’t waiting. The couple’s photographer was right behind them and was able to jump into action when she saw Noah Sr. dash out of the car.

The birth happened so fast that not only did Noah Sr. have to catch the baby but Mom had to put a hand on him as well as he made his way out so that he would not fall.

Dad Noah Strunk delivering his son in the car

The couple’s photographer was able to capture the action of the baby being born and the aftermath of little Noah making his entrance into the world.

Dad Noah Strunk delivering his son in the car

Little Noah whose nickname is “Parker” due to his unusual birth joined his brother Harrison in planned photo shoot that was quite as dramatic shortly after his birth.

Jaiden Photography Harrison and Noah Strunk




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