Man up! It’s June and it’s that time again…time to celebrate Dad. Of course, Father’s Day should just be one of the many days throughout the year that we stop to celebrate, honor and just love on Dad. But oh bother, father’s day? Well it comes smack dab in the middle of graduation parties, wedding season, birthday bonanza’s in our family and just about every other gift giving occasion you can think of.

My Dad is the kind of father who says faithfully every year “I’m okay”,  “please don’t buy me anything” and  “every day is a holiday to me”. My interpretation of that is it’s the thought that counts. And err…I’m sticking to it.  Dad’s are pretty bottom line and bottom line is they simply love it when you have taken the time to simply think about them. Now, no Dad is going to turn down a 65inch TV and recliner to watch the game on, but no Dad is going to turn down that handmade card by the kids and that tie that they have lovingly picked out.

Simply acknowledging their important role goes a long way with Dads. A kind word, hug and spending some quality time is what makes great Father’s Day memories. If you provide these things you have done a good thing. If you want to get a little better there are some tokens of affection that all Dads enjoy.

Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas.

  • Homemade Cards From The Kids
  • Breakfast In Bed (Or Breakfast to go for the Golf Cart!)
  • Car Washes
  • Tool Bags
  • Round of Golf
  • Tool Box
  • Tech Gadgets ex. Portable Hard Drive
  • Camera

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