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Posted on Jul 10 2013 - 4:49pm by Angela Burgin Logan

522235_457570524289867_572595875_nKid style has come up in the last few decades. Some of us are still talking about when we had to walk two miles to school, we only had a deck of cards for those ten hour road trips and ketchup sandwiches were a staple. If that was your experience then it’s safe to say your fashion choices as a child were limited. If there was any doubt to this my old school pictures will serve as proof that frugal kid fashion of yesteryear usually was an acronym for ugly. But now a days the fashion choices abound for kids and the look you are going for usually can be done on the smallest of budgets.

Live and Learn how to style your child.

12eeb125c27107cfc2ba7ef897053b78Who can resist a feather Boa? This girl’s dress is beautiful and a great idea. Boa’s can be added to any dress bottom!

kidsstyle3Go big or go home is one of my favorite motto’s. When it comes to kids clothes the bigger usually the better especially when it comes to dresses. The bigger the flowers and the more the tulle the merrier.

df178c13878dd9e57db83e2b573af81aI love it when kids aren’t so matchy matchy. Mixing and matching patterns, colors and fabrics works well on girls and boys.

KidsstyleKids should be kids but there are times when your little one will want to dress like you. It’s too fun and soo cute overly dressing them as a little miss or mister.


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