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Posted on May 8 2017 - 7:25am by Angela Burgin Logan

worried momAfter a long night of crying you can feel exhausted. Especially when it’s you and not the baby. Is my baby normal? This is the frantic question that has sent many a mom into a meltdown. You’ve waited 40 long weeks for babies arrival and dreamed of what he would look like. Will he have your eyes, daddy’s nose? No matter, you can’t wait to lay eyes on him. You know that your baby will be a sight for sore eyes when you finally meet. And he is. But just days after coming home your baby begins to develop unsightly issues from baby acne, swollen genitals to OMG breast buds.

worried mom

Here’s what’s normal and here’s what not. It’s not abnormal for moms to panic and frequently quote “I’m coming to join you Elizabeth”. It is normal for babies to experience these issues. The good news mom is that these issues will not affect the health of your baby. On the first visit my daughter had to her pediatrician I nearly fainted when milk came out of her breasts. After picking me up off the floor my doctor assured me that this is completely normal. He even alerted me that this is not an issue only experienced by girls. Baby boys also can experience this.

baby pimples

Is my pip squeak going through puberty? A lot of babies less than 6 weeks old develop physical symptoms that mimic puberty. What’s to blame? Hormones. Moms pass on hormones to baby. It is common to see breast buds, vaginal discharge, swollen genitals and full-blown acnes for a few weeks. However, as babies hormone levels stabilize these issues begin to go away.

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